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How to Attend Virtual Bible Study

Joining virtual bible study is easy as downloading Zoom®, entering the meeting ID (provided below) and using the interface.

Downloading Zoom®

Start by following the link below and downloaing the application.

Download Zoom Download Zoom

Enter Meeting ID

After the app is installed, join the meeting by entering in the meeting ID provided. Bible Study begins at 7:00PM CST

Login Zoom Meeting ID

Using the Interface

Make Sure Your Device is Charged

It’s a good idea to make sure that you’ve powered up your device, video streaming requires more power than most applications.

Find a Good Place to Record

Choose a quiet space with good lighting. Make sure the light source is in front of you to make it easier for everyone in the chat room to see you. It may be helpful to rest your device or camera on an easel to make recording easy over the span of the session.

Speak Up Etiquette

Be polite as possible.

Using Chat

Zoom offers more than live video access, it is also equipped with a chat box. Video and audio quality may very during the session and to make sure your thoughts are clearly communicated, don’t neglect the chat feature to pin point your ideas, especially numerical data.

Leaving and Rejoining Live Sessions

In case you are disconnected from the session, simply key in the meeting ID to rejoin the session.