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Couples' Gathering

Couples Gatherings is the assembling of married couples where we identify and work on challenges in our marriages. At Mt Zion we are comprised of loving families dedicated and focused on living out God’s purpose for our lives. This gathering started initially to discuss problems that many couples experience in their marriages. It has now evolved into an assembly that occurs every other month.

During these meetings we work in couples and with our spouses to find ways to solve challenging problems. We have read books, viewed clips of movies, and some couples have shared concerns that they were soliciting help in. Couples have benefited in the development of budgets, improved communication, and family plans where they have identified where they want their marriage to be in 5, 10, 15, and 20 years.

Not only do we work on future goals and objectives, but we assists each other as a group in working through challenges such as communication, finances, trust, and infidelity to name a few. These sessions are lead by licensed social workers, psychology graduates and other professionals skilled in the area of marriage and family therapy.