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  1. Membership
    Great! So you’re thinking about becoming a member? That’s great news! We love when individuals make a decision to join our congregation. We’re sure you will fit in, there’s something for everyone here. All you have to do is express that you want to be a member during an altar call on Sunday Morning, making a call to the church during the week, or just by handing a request slip to an Usher. We’ll get your welcome packet to you and it will have information about the church, our history, more in-depth literature about what we believe, and information about the national organization. We want you to feel comfortable and well knowledgeable about us and the vision of where were going. We welcome you to become a part of a team; we are all striving to grow and fulfill the purpose that God has given us.
  3. Watch Care
    We also understand that many of our members are often located in our city temporarily due to military orders or because of educational relocation, to name a few. Regardless the reason, we’re glad to welcome you to be under our Watch-Care! Watch-Care ministry is a place for individuals who will be in the area temporarily and desire a solid house of worship during their stay. Watch-Care members can join and contribute to the ministry for as long as here. We feel that it’s important that people have some spiritual guidance wherever they are, and our pastor is eager to form a positive relationship while helping people grow while they’re here with us.